Monday, January 10, 2011

So many Engagements!!

It seems as if everyone I know is gettiing engaged!! Ahhh so much to think about! Well here are a few of my latest loves when it comes to weddings;


Redfeather is amazing! I've done quite a few weddings and functions out there and its beautiful

I have been out to Leaning Church for wine and the scenery is beautiful!! I love the little wooden church overlooking the Vineyard!

Ohhhhh Avalon at Swansea looks absolutely amazing!!!

The Catering company I work for does quite a lot of weddings at Brickendon and the barn has always looked beautiful with chandeliers coming from the ceiling, the crisp white tablecloths against the rustic of the barn looks so romantic.

I've been to Moorilla quite a few times to have wine. If you haven't been next time your in Hobart go there, it's not far from the city of Hobart. I love the modern design the big open spaces.

Your backyard! I worked at a wedding last Saturday in Lyttleton St in East Launnie and it was so nice and simple! Candles everywhere, the bar was in the shed, people were sitting on hay bales covered with fabric, jars of flowers everywhere.  With the food it was cocktail so there was canapes initally then meals in a bowl which is such a great idea. So take a look in your backyard!

There's a few of my favourites for Receptions. I'll get back to you all about other idea's for your special day x

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