Thursday, October 29, 2009

These arrangements were for a Cocktail Party at Justin Paul. It was for the launch of Rachel Ruddicks Botanica clutch and bag collection . I love being asked to do bigger functions its very rewarding to see the end result.

This if The amazing Fiji.... We stayed on the  Coral Coast... Everyone was sooo friendly, whenever you saw someone they would say Bula Bula (hello hello ). They would do anything for you. I had the best time apart from there being a Tsunami warning on a day that we were there. That was a bit scary.
Hi everyone, I cant believe its been over a month since i've been on my blog... The last few weeks have been really busy with a holiday in Fiji, my birthday and quite a few wedding and functions on which is exciting. I'll post a few photo's to let you see what i've been up to. Hope u enjoy:)