Saturday, June 26, 2010

The other weekend we had our first family lunch at our new house.  i've  been collecting different botttles and smaller vases. They looked so sweet going down the centre of the table of with Spray roses coming out of them.  We could  finally fill our Tas recycled timber table with beautiful people :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Xavier and Emma's Wedding, May

Some Photo's I found in a magazine that I absolutely love!!

Hello everyone!!!!   

I have a couple of new photo's from work I have done of late. A week ago I did a job at The Lake House a property  out the back of Cressy.  It's a beautiful old home that's going to be a boutique Hotel. I made some gorgeous Vase arrangements for a Volks Wagen function there and of course just my luck, when I went to take some photo's.. Yes my camera was flat!! Wasn't happy!!  There was a photographer out there so hopefully I will be able to put some photo's up soon.  Who would of that that down this long windy road there would be this amazing property. It's getting the opportunity to do these jobs every now and then that makes my job AMAZING!!  Well here's a few photo's of my work and inspiration.. Em :)